miércoles, 9 de enero de 2008

Merton sobre Blake

Dice Thomas Merton sobre William Blake en The seven storey mountain

"I was absolutely incapable of reconciling in my own mind, two things that seemed so contrary. Blake was a revolutionary, and yet he detested the greatest and more typical reolutionaries of his time, and declared himself opposed without compromise to people who, as I thought, seemed to exemplify some of his own most characteristic ideals.
How incapable I was of understanding anything like the ideals of a William Blake! how could I possibly realize that his rebelion, for all its strange heterodoxies , was fundamentally the rebelion of the saints. It was the rebellion of the lover of the Living God, the rebelion of one whose desire of God was so intense and irresistible that it condemned, with all his might, all the hypocrisy and petty sensuality and skeptisism and materialism which cold and trivial minds set up as unpassable barriers between God and the souls of men" (90 en signet book).

Y nada más qué decir

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